At SunWorld Group, we’re a property management firm serving the greater southwest Washington area. We understand the local market, and today, we’re sharing an update on the rental market and its performance.

Property Management Vancouver: Rental Increases are Stabilizing in 2018

Today, the rental market is fairly robust, although we’re noticing a little bit of a slowdown. When we talk about a slowdown, we’re talking specifically about rental increases. The amount you can raise rent has slowed down a bit, and in some cases, you cannot raise the rent at all in order to stay competitive for good tenants and prevent tenant turnover.

In our office, we were at a point where we could comfortably raise the rent by $150 or $200. But now, we are only making increases in the $50 to $75 range. In some cases, we are not raising the rent at all. That’s due to the fact that the market has peaked as far as rental increases go.

Property Management Vancouver: Rental Unit Demand Remains High in 2018

We still expect to see a strong demand through 2018, and possibly through 2019 as well. This is still a good time to be a landlord in the area. If there’s one area of concern, it’s in the multi-family arena. Developers are building a lot of new units, so we’re watching that to make sure we aren’t in a situation where we are overbuilding and have too much inventory.

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