Vancouver, Washington’s deep history spanned from the Lewis & Clark expedition in 1806 when Meriwether Lewis had the knowledge to identify the area as “the only desired situation for settlement west of the Rocky Mountains.”

It’s not a huge city, like Seattle or New York, but it is still moderately sized so that you have a decent selection of food, you have a proper variety of shopping, there are reasonable prices on housing (dependent on what you are looking at, as there are some ritzier neighborhoods that are much more expensive), and the majority of everything you want is within a 20-minute drive.

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Fortunately for history Sites, Vancouver hasn’t ignored its past. The historic museums and parks will get you back to learn and, in some circumstances, even relive some exciting times. 

You’ll find lots of engaging ways to feel the essences from the Native American fur trade days to the settlement of Fort Vancouver, to the foundation of one of the oldest cities in the State of Washington.

There is a lot of beautiful and historical areas still left in Vancouver, and even if you move there, you can always choose an area that is still surrounded by forest, and just live on a different side of the city. I love that the town was so diverse in that aspect.

At the heart of much of the city’s appeal, Esther Short Park and Playground is the oldest public square in the state of Wa.

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A popular meeting spot for social events and shows, Esther Short Park is also a magnificent site to really experience the weather outside. Street performers and live music could usually be caught from each edge of this five-acre park, particularly on the weekends, including the chimes from the on-site Salmon Run Bell Tower.

Other common reasons to visit this beautiful and vibrant historical place include shade trees and a water feature, which continues throughout the summer. The Vancouver Farmers Market takes place each Sunday and Saturday in Esther Short Park between March and October.

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Managed by the National Park Service, Fort Vancouver is a historical site, which has long relations to the country and society. Now including more than 350 acres, including waterfront areas on the Columbia River, Fort Vancouver first started in 1825 as a Hudson Bay Company fur trading depot before fast growing into a major hub of the Northwest frontier. 

Now, guests from almost the whole world could learn about this ancient history within four unique places within the park, including the reconstructed Fort Vancouver established upon the archaeological footprint of the original fort (which burned to the ground in 1866).

One of the most famous mountains seen from Vancouver is Silver Star Mountain to the east, which is one of the most popular day tours from the city, about an hour’s drive away. A very suggested thing to do in season is climbing to the top of the nearly 4,500-foot summit.

A mixture of trails can take you there, with some suggested approaches, containing Ed’s Trail and the main Silver Star Trail. Even if you don’t climb the mountain, hanging around the base is also enjoyable to do, mainly when a vast amount of wildflowers bloom in July and Jone.

While a handful of the most beautiful hotels in Vancouver could be discovered in the downtown district near the Columbia River, most hotels are found north and east of this central portion of the city.

As one of the earliest permanent establishments west of the Rockies, Vancouver Wa is loaded with history, ready for investigation, and rich with many joyful things to do.