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When you want comprehensive property management, Longview WA property owners depend on, choose the SunWorld Group. We manage every property type, including apartment complexes, single dwellings, plexes, condo association, and HOA properties. Our services are designed to remove the burden and uncertainty of property management for owners while providing their renters with responsive service.

Choose the Longview WA property managers who understand your investment.

Making your investment a profitable one is our primary goal. This begins with marketing and careful tenant screening to identify respectful and responsible tenants. With extensive knowledge of the Longview market, we make informed decisions regarding rent pricing. This helps to reduce vacancy rates while getting you the greatest return on your investment. We’re a hands-on property management company. Every decision we make is based around maximizing your profitability while reducing your risk.

Property owner services include:

  • Robust tenant screening
  • Repairs without delay
  • No excuse rent collection
  • 24-hour emergency contacts
  • Interior inspected annually

  • Regular drive-by inspections
  • Apartment management
  • Condo association
  • HOA management
  • Monthly financial and operation statements

Property Management Services

We exercise active hand-on management practices. These start with our clients. With more than 20 years of property management Longview WA experience, we maintain an open-door policy if you ever have questions. We provide monthly status reports made possible by active monitoring of properties that includes drive-bys, in-unit inspections, and uncompromising rent collection.

Enjoy the advantage of multi-front property marketing.

We market your property on a number of different channels specifically tailored to your building. We don’t just rely on traditional methods like for rent signs. Your property will receive priority placement on our site. Our extensive realtor referral network helps us to quickly find reliable tenants for your property. These active search methods provide results much faster than passive efforts and improve the quality of the tenant pool.

We employ in-depth, tenant screening techniques.

Great property management Longview, WA owners rely on doesn’t end with rental marketing. We run rental applicants through full criminal, background, sex offender, financial, and credit history checks. We also verify previous residences and landlords as well as income. Your tenant is our tenant and finding the best occupants for your property benefits both parties. You will receive final approval on all renters who pass our rigorous screening process, so you’ll know exactly who will be renting your property.

Tenant services include:

  • Certified move-in ready rentals
  • Responsive repairs from our maintenance team
  • Easy online maintenance requests

  • Secure online rental payments
  • 24-hour repair contacts for major repairs
  • We show properties around your schedule

Tenant Eviction

We have spoken with many property owners who have experienced the destruction a bad tenant can leave behind. Our property management company in Longview, WA, has developed a swift and decisive eviction process. We protect your property by removing Unlawful Detainers as fast as possible and referring them for collections processing.

Our office is located right next Nipps Drive-Through, and across the street from Triangle Mall near the heart of Longview. This allows us to manage every Longview rental from the southern border of the Highlands to the northern point of West Longview without sacrificing service. When you want reliable, trusted, and complete local property management in Longview WA, call (360) 353-4018 or contact us today.

What can a property manager do for you?

  1. Savings. While it might seem counter-intuitive to spend money in order to save it, in this case, it really works. We have volume discounts with contractors, advertising companies, background screening services, and the like. We also have the organizational infrastructure to take far less time in what we do than an individual property owner would. This reduction in both time and costs is truly a great saving for property owners.
  2. Legal Concerns. There are many laws that surround renting and maintaining rental property. This spans from discrimination laws around the screening process, to when and how an inspection can be done, and what maintenance obligations must be met. There are also many laws pertaining to collecting rent, when it can be raised and how the process of dealing with late payments, lease termination, and the eviction process. Making a mistake because you simply did not understand or have the necessary information can result in expensive litigation and possible penalties. A good property management company stays current on legal issues and ensures best practices are carried out, and the property owner is protected.
  3. Earn More. It simply takes an individual property owner much more time to find and secure a tenant. You have to grapple with a strong lease agreement that will hold up in a legal dispute, creating criteria for screening potential tenants, and more. Then, to keep a renter happy, you need to be available and able to respond quickly when they need assistance. Not having these issues nailed down, or making the wrong tenant selection will amount to a rotating door. An unoccupied property is money lost. We have multiple rental advertising sites set up so we can get the word out to in minutes. We have a proven screening process and can respond immediately to a renter’s call. Our services keep occupancy rates high so our clients can earn more.
  4. Setting Rent. A common mistake private property owners make when renting out a home is to ask for too much rent. They want the most for their investment, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, setting rent too high will reduce both the number and quality of applicants as well as the length of time a renter will stay. We know Longview and the surrounding areas. We are familiar with each unique neighborhood. We can strike a balance of competitive rent for the area, without going too high. This is another way we help property owners make more. Having a tenant pay rent year-round is better math than asking for more, and increasing the period of time between renters.
  5. Good Tenant Care. Quality tenants are important to getting the most out of your investment property. An experienced property manager has nailed down a successful screening process. They know where and how to advertise, how to interview and fact-check, and which service offers the best background screening. Additionally, a property management company keeps communication open, allowing tenants to have the information they need to maintain the space. Doing this helps the tenants feel comfortable asking for help whenever they need it. Fast response and quality repair personnel are also pivotal for keeping good tenants happy. Happy tenants stay longer and are more invested in caring for the home they rent. We help achieve that for our property owners.
  6. Documentation. A good lease is one that is air-tight and has proven to be reliable over time, even during litigation. However, a lease is not the only important documentation to maintain. An inspection report is also vital for property protection. Each tenant and landlord also needs to sign a mold form and a lead-based paint disclosure (on homes older than 1978). The consequences of not having all these forms signed by both parties can be steep fines and/or losing in court. We have a checklist we follow every time, and in every instance. No exceptions.

Property Maintenance

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