Vancouver, WA shares its name with the bigger city of Vancouver in southern British Columbia, Canada, about 300 mi (480 km) to the north. Both cities were called after sea captain George Vancouver, but the American city is older.
It is beautiful here! You are close to the beach, mountains, deserts, and forests. Property Management in vancouver wa You name it; you are in it or close to it. We are on the Columbia River, have multiple lakes in town, and lots of parks. Here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s surrounded by towering evergreens and snow-capped mountains that remind visitors of how lucky people are to live here. Beyond the natural beauty, Vancouver USA’s streets portray the history and diversity through colorful murals in the downtown and international districts. It is a city, so there is quite a bit of traffic in different areas; however, that can be gone around using outer roads.There are many sections of the city that are insanely expensive to live in. There is an emissions tax when you live there, that you will be forced to pay if your car doesn’t pass the test. (They are rumoring this to be removed soon, however).

Property Managers in vancouver WAHousing costs aren’t as bad as Portland, and there is no state income tax here (sales tax instead- some people drive over the river for major purchases). You can get a larger home with more yard for less.

In addition, there are many companies for property management in Vancouver, WA to help if you needed to get a rental house. Because it is a large city, you run into a lot of rude citizens, but that mindset is spreading to the smaller towns at a very rapid rate, anyways. Lots of green and growing things abound. There are farmer’s markets, bee farms, urban farms where you can pick your food or get freshly picked food. Delicious produce and food are available. Laws such that people can keep chickens, so you can see Ladies sell eggs from their chickens. There are many activities and great things to see and do. Go up to Mt. St. Helens to the Johnson Observatory? Sure! Let’s take a peek at that volcano and pay our respects—lovely drive, especially in the fall. Ride the train up to Seattle? Cheap and fun trip. Spend the day or a weekend and come home without worrying about traffic. Lyft for transport in town, and you’re good to go. Ester Short Farmer’s market on the weekend is an excellent way to spend time on a Saturday or Sunday, and they usually have good entertainment. Fantastic schools, just in case you have kids. No income tax. And if you drive across the bridge, no sales tax either, which is a unique perk about living in that city in particular. Vancouver has pretty decent weather, considering it’s in WA. You’re close to everything fun to do, whether you are a fan of going out on the town or enjoying the outdoors away from civilization. People are really lovely. The culture is alive and lets you live, so they’ll never turn their backs on a neighbor who needs help. (Culturally diverse and openminded btw).


Being in Vancouver, Washington is an ideal fit for people who enjoy outdoor experiences and the nearly slower pace of suburbia. Vancouver has sufficient culture, history, art, food, and civic engagement to frequently keep you satisfied, and there are a lot more things to do. Still, it is also a short trip from the slightly more urban intensity in nearby Portland – say when you need to take a theatre play, symphony, or visit a big museum.