Things to do in Northwest Vancouver, Vancouver WA

Are you a resident or planning to tour the Northwest Vancouver WA region?

These are the things you can do in Vancouver town with so much for people of all ages to enjoy. Starting from visiting the many historical buildings, taking part in the annual events, or visiting fun places, you will be lost for choice.

Though the Northwest Vancouver WA society is a nonprofit making organization, there are lots of revenues that come in as the region also needs to be developed. Tourism is one of the areas that tax is collected, whether local or international tourism.

The saying is true: people in the Northwest tend to have outdoor fun. In winter, snowboarders and skiers drive to nearby Mt. Hood for a day of snowy fun. For something closer, you are hiking among the many paths in the Cascade Range foothills or Columbia River Gorge. 

All-embracing views in Northwest Vancouver.

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In summer, warmer weather and sunny skies open up a bevy of recreational trips. Hit the Columbia River, Washougal River, Lacamas Lake, or Vancouver Lake for boating, fishing, or boating.

Vancouver has eight 18-hole golf courses and more in surrounding counties and cities. Classes here are known for their green, lush fairways. For quick practice, there are also numerous 3-par courses in town.

St. Helens is open to climbers (with booking) from late spring to early fall and is a technical climb. With some water, food, and a reasonable level of exercising, you can climb to the crater and look down into the heart of the volcano.

America’s favorite pastime, shopping, comes with a twist in Southwest Washington. Residents here tend to buy big-ticket items across the Columbia River in Portland, and Oregon does not have a sales tax. Of course, whenever you need Property management in Northwest Vancouver, Vancouver, WA, you can reach out to us. 

Wine tours are another way to be busy while staying indoors. You can take a wine tour anytime, but during the holiday season is the best time; it’s a great way to get together with family and friends for a fun day trip. 

Thanksgiving weekend is a particularly nice time to visit tasting rooms and wineries, many of which serve snacks on the weekend that they would not usually have on hand for visitors.


The nightlife in Northwest Vancouver, WA, is not going to be mind-blowing. Portland has several clubs that are a tad hipper and more urban, but it still pales in comparison to a significant metropolis. If you need a high level of stuff, you can grab a flight to L.A. or a red-eye to N.Y.C. The Portland Airport is across the Columbia River.

The scene in Vancouver is relaxed and often revolves around hanging out with friends, sipping wine, and guzzling beer at local pubs and taprooms.

There is so much that one can do as a resident or a visitor to the Northwest Vancouver WA. The town has so much to learn, sites to visit as well as entertainment and eating places. Visit this great town, and you will yearn for more visits.