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Vancouver, WA isn’t as old as you’ve heard, though, far from it, this modern city of nearly 175,000 provides many other enjoyable things to do and sites to visit.

Near the Columbia River in southern Washington, attached to Portland, Oregon, via two spectacular bridges, Vancouver has some of the deepest roots in recent history in the Pacific Northwest. Heritage is on complete display in Vancouver, especially at the reconstructed Fort Vancouver and surrounding 350-acre historical area operated by the National Park Service. 

Esther Short Park is a dominant site to start investigating the culture of Vancouver. On warm-weather weekends, the Vancouver Farmers Market attaches fresh flavors to the public space.

Outdoor attractions surround Vancouver. You can easily reach excellent boating spots and hiking trails west and east of Vancouver at Silver Star Mountain and Vancouver Lake Regional Park. For numerous activities, the sunset seen from the Waterfront Renaissance Trail attracts tourists and long-term residents alike. Downtown Vancouver, WA is very nice and up and coming (houses and apartments are much more expensive than the rest of Vancouver). It has older buildings, many restaurants, and breweries. 
Vancouver’s new waterfront development is an attempt to attract more people to Vancouver than Portland on the weekends.
Vancouver WA is a multicultural, vibrant community, the abundance of different types of cuisines available in the neighborhood reflects it, including Italian, Portuguese, and Chinese restaurants. 
Property Management Vancouver WA
There are also several specialty bakeries, delis, and cafes.

If you know Vancouver (not the Canadian city that was organized 30 years after, named after the same sea captain), you’re likely aware that our city’s roots run deep at Fort Vancouver.

At the same time, the Fort is perhaps the most visible site to discover Northwest Vancouver’s history (is well worth the trip).
Other more detailed features of the city hold old-timey truths about how this place came to be.

Fortunately for history buffs, Vancouver WA hasn’t forgotten its past. Our historic attractions, museums, and parks will take you back to learn and, in some cases, even relive some exciting times. 

You will find plenty of fascinating ways to experience our roots from the settlement of Fort Vancouver to the Native American fur trade days, to the establishment of one of the oldest cities in the State of Washington.

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Vancouver is growing quickly. It is the fourth largest city in Washington last I checked. We always have to explain that we are Vancouver Washington, not Vancouver Canada and Washington State, not DC. But that’s okay. It’s a pretty nice place.