How to Properly Inspect Your Vancouver Rental Property

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February 15, 2017
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How to Properly Inspect Your Vancouver Rental Property

We are showing you how to do a successful and complete move in walk through at your Vancouver rental property. It begins at the front of the house, where you want to be sure the grass is mowed and the bushes are trimmed. Your gutters and roof should be clean, and you’re also checking the general appearance and condition of the home.
Property Management Vancouver: Interior Inspections

Inside the house, make sure the walls are free from nail holes and that the paint is in good condition. Carpet areas should not have stains, and must be professionally cleaned. If there are stains, remark on those in the move in sheet. Walk through the living areas, and look for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors See if the battery needs to be changed and if they are hardwired to the house, make sure there’s a green light that’s visible.
Kitchens and Bathrooms

Check the main bath of the house or the half bath. Make sure all the light bulbs and the exhaust fan are working. Flush the toilet, and check for leaks near the plumbing. Check the sinks too and ensure the hoses hook up correctly.

In the kitchen, make sure the microwave works and is clean. On the stove range, make sure all the burners work and the knobs are in place. You don’t want anything missing. Open the oven and make sure the racks are there. Check for its operation and cleanliness. Check the dishwasher for missing parts and make sure it runs. The racks should slide out easily and open and close with ease. Your fridge must be clean and the light should work. Check the freezer too, and make sure there isn’t any hardware missing. The top of the fridge is usually overlooked, but make sure no dust has gathered there. Take a look at the paint around the kitchen, and note any defects like nail holes in the drywall. Check the pantry closet too, and make sure it’s usable. Look at the kitchen hardware. Turn the sink on and make sure no leaks are happening under it. Check the garbage disposal and the flooring.  
Bedrooms and Living Rooms

All the windows should have screens in place. Check for burnt out bulbs in the light fixtures. You want your walls to be in good condition. Note any stains or marks on the walls, and repair holes in the drywall. If there’s a gas fireplace, have it serviced once a year.

Sliding doors and window coverings should also be part of your inspection. All the tracks in the sliding doors should be clean. On the stairwell, the carpet must be clean. Everything should be in good condition. In the laundry area, make sure the appliances work and the manufacturer’s instructions are easy to find. The washer and dryer should be clean and ready to use.

The master bedroom will require you to check light fixtures and fans. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors also need to be checked again, and make sure the walls are free of holes. Paint and carpet should be in good shape and free of stains. Turn on the water in the master bathroom and make sure everything is clean. In the closet, note the paint condition and look for defects or holes. Shelving must be installed and sturdy. You’ll do the same things in the other bedrooms.  

Hopefully, this helps Vancouver investors plan their own inspections and walk throughs. If you have any questions about this or anything pertaining to Vancouver property management, please contact us at SunWorld Group.