Vancouver landlords need to have a proper response to maintenance when their tenants request a repair. Today, we’re talking about how to handle those maintenance items.

Property Management Vancouver: Respond Quickly

First, you want to make sure you’re responding promptly to any required maintenance items that are reported by your tenants. There is nothing worse for a landlord than having a frustrated tenant who cannot get maintenance done. Tenants should not have to track down the landlord and wait too long for repairs to be made. This is something they’ll remember when they’re deciding whether or not to renew a lease, so make sure you’re responsive.

Vancouver Rental Property: Fix It Right

Another important thing to do when you’re handling maintenance is to fix it right the first time. If you can’t fix it right yourself, make sure you call someone who can do it right the first time. Having a reliable list of vendors will help you ensure your repairs are made correctly and quickly. Do not cut any corners when you’re making repairs.

Property Management Vancouver: Timing

The timeframe is very important in being a landlord. There are some items that are habitability issues and require repairs within 24 hours. Some items can wait for 72 hours, and others have to be repaired within a 10 day timeframe. You have a legal obligation to the tenant to repair the items in the required Homes for rent Kelso WAtimeframe. This can come up if the tenant refuses to pay rent and you try to begin an eviction proceeding. You can lose the eviction, or the amount of monetary award to you could be reduced if there are items that need to be fixed and repairs were not made at all or in a timely manner.

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