For a landlord, especially a new landlord, there’s a lot of worry about whether the tenants will take care of a home. It’s important that the tenants treat the property as if it belongs to them. To ensure that you know how to handle maintenance request like a pro we want to tell you about some of the maintenance concerns for which your tenants are responsible.

Property Management Vancouver: Tenant Maintenance Responsibilities

One of the important things on a tenant maintenance list is air filters. If your property has gas-forced heat or air conditioning, the filters are a concern. Your tenant should replace those filters every 90 days. At SunWorld, we have a program where a new air conditioning filter is delivered to the tenants every 90 days, at no cost to the owner.

It’s also the tenant’s responsibility to replace light bulbs and batteries. We recommend that you replace your light fixtures with LED lights. This ensures the entire fixture lasts for 45 years, or 50,000 hours. With an LED light fixture, you don’t have to replace light bulbs when your tenant moves out.

Lawn care is also a tenant’s responsibility, and if you have enough cash flow coming in, you should consider including lawn service with the home. This is especially important if there’s a homeowner’s association that has covenants and restrictions. It’s better to pay for the lawn care than to risk getting letters from your HOA about potential violations.

Property Management Vancouver: Owner Maintenance Responsibilities

There are also things that the owner needs to be responsible for. For example, you’ll need to take care of gutter cleaning and roof cleaning. You don’t want tenants getting on a roof or a ladder. That’s an extreme liability for landlords. You don’t want your tenants touching any plumbing or electrical equipment.

These are a few things to consider when you’re establishing what your tenant needs to do and what you will maintain. For any further information about maintenance or property management in Vancouver and southwest Washington, please contact us at SunWorld Group.