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If you’re thinking about changing your Vancouver property management company, it’s likely because you aren’t getting the services or the value that you expected. While making a large change can seem a bit scary, it’s very important that you have complete faith in the company that’s responsible for one of your largest investments.

Today, we’re talking to landlord and rental property owners who may want to look for better management but are uncertain about whether it’s a good idea. There are a few specific red flags that make it necessary to switch companies.

Vancouver Property Management Must Include Responsive Communication

When we get potential clients that come into our office, one of the main concerns that they have is communication. Usually, this is one of the main reasons they’re looking for a new management company; communication with their current property manager is lacking.

With technology being what it is today, there is really no excuse for poor communication from your property manager. You need to have your questions answered, and you need to know that the company responsible for your investment is available to you and to your tenants.

Communication is a top priority with our team at SunWorld Group. We pay close attention to detail and we are always responsive to our owners and our tenants, especially when maintenance is needed. If there’s a repair that’s necessary at your rental property, you can’t have a property manager who is ignoring it. That lack of communication will create a tense relationship with your tenant and put the condition of your investment at risk. Your property manager should be communicating consistently with you, especially when it comes to the maintenance of your property, the performance of your tenant, and the turnover or vacancy periods. You want to know when your lease is signed or if your tenant is moving out.

Vancouver Property Managers Must Provide Value

Professional Property ManagerYou need a property manager who does more than place tenants and collect rent. There should be a lot of value in the services you receive. This should include monthly accounting statements, help with budgeting and collecting estimates for work, and detailed inspection reports that include photos and videos. If these things are not happening, it may be time to start looking for a new management company. You want to be sure your managers are doing everything they can to facilitate a successful investment experience for you and a pleasant rental experience for your tenants.

When you select a property management company, make sure you look at the value that they are going to bring to you. You cannot just look at the price they are charging; value is more important than what you’re paying. You want a solid set of skills that will result in less hassle and more rental income. When you give the property to a property management company, it should eliminate all the burden on you.

If you think you might want to explore other options in Vancouver property management, please contact us at SunWorld Group. We’d love to tell you more about how we can deliver outstanding service and a lot of value.