When you’re investing in Vancouver, you want to make sure you place a good tenant in your property quickly. Extended vacancies will only cost you money. Today, we’re talking about filling your vacancies fast, and sharing some of the things you can do to your property to get the attention of a great tenant.

Advertise Your Vancouver Investment Property

The number one item on your list is to place a For Rent sign in front of the property. This will tell anyone in the neighborhood that your home or duplex or small apartment is available for rent. People might see the sign while they’re driving or walking by, and the neighbors in the area might know people looking for a new rental property.

Clean and Update the Property

Have the property professionally cleaned. You also want to have any carpets professionally cleaned. Replace worn out items like window coverings, appliances, and light fixtures that are dated. Update those and replace anything that’s old with modern updates. Tenants today like mini blinds. So, replace older curtains with nice blinds. You want the unit to smell clean and fresh. After you have the carpets cleaned, put some lavender or vanilla air freshener in the home. When tenants view the property, they’ll be greeted with a nice smelling environment.

Create Curb Appeal

You want your unit to look great from the exterior as well. Make sure the grass is cut and any debris has been cleared away. Trim bushes and trees and eliminate weeds. You want fresh paint on the building. If it looks worn out or chipped away, tenants will feel like you aren’t going to take maintenance in the unit seriously. Good curb appeal is important because it creates a first impression.

For more information on filling your vacant Vancouver rental property quickly, please contact us at SunWorld Group Property Management. We would be happy to help you with any other questions you may have about Vancouver property management.